Elements below is a list of a few of them

If you offer customers something valuable for them for free for spending a certain amount with you, it will motivate them to spend that amount. Remember, however, that the freebie should be adjust especially to the amount spent, not only to the purchas product. While the offer of a free bookmark when buying a book is a good ia, the addition of several batteries to the pad when buying a console for many thousands will not have enough power to influence the customer’s purchasing cisions. Discounts bas on orr value Offering discounts bas on the value of the cart is a good way to play a game with customers that they will be happy to take part in. After all, none of us wants to miss a good opportunity, and changing shopping habits motivat by the sire to save is a popular phenomenon.

The simplest example of such strategy

The offer of a discount when buying products of a certain value or when buying . It is worth combining this action with free shipping when the customer adds products to the cart for a pretermin amount. A return policy that is convenient for the Switzerland Phone Numbers List customer will make the customer buy more It is no secret to any online store owner that the return policy is one of the most important issues that customers think about when shopping online. If the  or even discourages customers from returning purchas products, it is not surprising that the value of the basket does not reach a high level. Today’s customers expect that they will be able to return goods in a simple and quick way, and the store staff will help them at every stage of this process.

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Policy adopt in your store makes it difficult

Multiple purchase financing options Allowing customers to choose exactly the option they ne most is the key to meeting their expectations, as well as UK Email Database success in ecommerce. As we know, today’s customer is aware of the possibilities available on the market, and thus will only reach for the one that works best for him. We write more about the expectations of today’s customers in the article expectations of today’s customer and how to use them to improve sales results?, which you can read by clicking here.

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