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Your team can work from home – you don’t ne to have an office, and the funds you save on rent will be invest in the velopment of the company. Or on vacation. Telephone exchange for a small company – everyone will reach you Thanks to the virtual telephone exchange, no potential customer will escape you: set forward – when one of your phones is busy, the next calls will be forward to the next one; build a voice menu (IVR) in a simple way – it doesn’t have to be complicat: just an announcement (“You’ve reach the call”) and information about the possible wait time, as well as the option to leave a message on the voice mailbox. If someone cis not to wait for a call, you will know about it and you will be able to quickly call back.

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Applications not adapt to Polish realities, which makes their use difficult. See what you will gain by us the ticket system in Polish. THE TICKET SYSTEM IN POLISH – IT’S NOT ABOUT TICKETS “Ticket system”, the English “ticket system” is an application Uruguay Mobile Number List for handl customer requests – orrs, complaints, failure reports, etc. “Ticket” in this case means “receipt” – on which the customer’s data and his application are record. You complete the receipt and hand it over to the appropriate people who will handle the case. Naturally, nowadays the receipt is virtual and its service from notification to resolution is carri out electronically.

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Ticket system in Polish Polish company

Documentation support The Polish ticket system means a Polish company – so from the first contact you speak in your native language . There are no problems with communication, there are no translation costs at every stage. There is no ne to orr lengthy UK Email Database translation of contracts, and all corresponnce is in Polish. In case of questions, each of your employees can simply pick up the phone and call the service provir, no ne to look for a colleague who speaks English or another language. Although international solutions may be tempt, many global companies have service offices in one country and a support partment in another – different time zones can extend the circulation of documents, cision or repair processes.

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