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It should then be remember that keywords assign to one place appear only on the subpage dicat to it. They should not duplicate in other parts of the site. Where is it worth showing up? An important element of local positioning is certainly obtaining valuable links to the website . It is worth paying special attention to NAP business cards, which are a kind of company directories, allowing you to place the name, physical address, telephone number, as well as an e-mail address and a link to the website. A properly complet profile, supplement with a factual description of the activity, authenticates the local nature of the business. This is especially true of widely known business directories.

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The world of local mia and consider buying ads with a link to the site or creating sponsor articles that will bring readers closer to your business Tongliao Phone Number List and build your position as a local expert in the industry. Google My Business and Google Maps Google focuses not only on personalizing search results, but also on providing users with as much information as possible without having to click through to other websites. In the case of smartphones, we even get the ability to make a call with one click! Your potential customer will see your ad first, then a list of business listings Maps, and then free results.

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Very often it will not reach them at all – it will decide to call from an advertisement or a business card or launch navigation on the phone to determine the distance to the nearest service points. Therefore, an indispensable element of local positioning is UK Email Database adding company data to the Google My Business service and, consequently, Google Maps . A well-fill profile, with opening hours, a factual description of the services offer and, by the way, correctly us keywords relat to your business is a great chance to acquire customers. Be sure to add your website address and photos to your business card. Local positioning Sample result with Google Maps field Users’ opinions Remember that the Google My Business listing allows users to add reviews about you.

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