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According to McKinsey research. Companies that focus on supporting existing customers increase profits by per year , not counting those generat by new customers. Customer success teams take a proactive, data-driven approach to help customers use the product effectively thereby minimize churn. The subscription mol usually assumes a free testing period, after which users often resign from the paid extension of the service . Another popular problem is low knowlge about the product’s capabilities or new solutions that increase its effectiveness attractiveness. With SaaS IT products constantly changing, it is therefore necessary to constantly ucate the client, which aims to keep him on board by optimal use of the offer.

You cannot count on the client

Through this process alone. He will finitely ne support . Contents What is Customer Success really? What is the job of a Customer Success Manager? What should a Customer Success specialist look like? What Customer Success is finitely not? FAQ. What is Customer Success really? CS is a team that has three main tasks: First: take care of customer Ghana Mobile Number List retention, such as renewing contracts subscriptions Secondly. Observe the client’s velopment , as he velops, offer him new services that will help him achieve success (upsell) Thirdly: ruce churn. Build a beneficial, close relationship with the client, take care of their satisfaction , anticipate the possibility of leaving. Prevent it before it is too late He performs these tasks proactively, using very high competences product knowlge,  various implementation situations.

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Interdisciplinary team usually extensive experience

This is the moment when he is ready to resign from cooperation with our company. It has also been known for a long time that a dissatisfi customer is much more likely to share a negative opinion about the company on the Internet than a satisfi UK Email Database customer – a positive one. Therefore, it certainly does not pay to give vent to emotions. Although we know that sometimes it can be a bit of a challenge. The most important thing is to realize that we have no control over customer behavior . However, we have an influence on our own attitu reactions – so it is on them that we should focus. This will allow us to be patient approach a difficult situation calmly professionally.

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