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Without thinking, at any time – he is a machine after all. The consultant might hesitate whether he should send an e-mail about exceing the SLA to the manager. The system will not hesitate, it is not afraid of the manager, director or presint. This will protect the company from breaching the contract and resulting from it – penalties – loss of a customer – damage to reputation. Automation of customer service – ) Routing of requests Let’s go back to the example from the first post . A VIP client has reach a consultant who should not be reach. An automat system – such as Focus sk – will recognize the customer and, bas on the process automation rule you set, will rirect him to the appropriate person or partment.

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The subject line The appropriate rule will rirect him to the claims team. The application comes from the offer request form on your website? The system will forward them to the sales partment. The customer calls and sends an e-mail at the same Find Your Phone Numbers time? Thanks to the automation of processes in the company, both the call and the message will go to the same consultant, and then the system will combine them into a single notification. Thanks to the routing rules you fine – you will spe up customer service – you will improve the quality of customer contact with your company – you will improve the work of the company.

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Scenarios Check this out: This may be the procure to be follow in the event of a complaint from an important customer. How sure are you that each of your consultants will follow the pattern exactly? Won’t you make a mistake? Won’t waste UK Email Database precious minutes wonring what to do? Again, the system has an advantage. He is the proverbial soulless machine – he has no bad days, he hasn’t sat up all night with a crying baby, he won’t forget a key step in the procure. It will always do the same as you programm it. Therefore, it is worth automating complex tasks by creating full service scenarios. In response to the occurring events, the system will sequentially run automation rules connect in a chain.

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