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Are these concerns justifi? Meet Focus Contact Center a comprehensive communication platform in the cloud > The cloud prevails A recent study by Gartner says that % of companies in the US are cloud users for all or most products, while % of companies have mov their data storage service to cloud storage . Everyth indicates that these numbers will gradually increase in the next few years. In turn, Forrester Research estimates a % crease in mand for traditional – not cloud” services in the small and mium-siz business sector. The already mention Gartner says about even % in the next few years. One of the directors of this research company, Bryan Britz, al with cloud market research, said:The interest in the cloud and cloud services is grow faster and faster, which will result in.

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Mol of IT services in the com years. Forecasts and reality What impact will these forecasts and comments have on employment in the IT sector ? Everyth indicates that the com year will be another year mark by cloud comput technology . The Egypt Mobile Number Lis evolution towards solutions liver in the cloud will not mean a crease in interest in the services of IT specialists, although it will certainly affect the image of the IT specialist job market in . Specialists elsewhere Changes relat to the progress revolution of cloud comput will transfer the knowlge and skills of IT specialists from one company and organization to another. The administrators of operat systems , databases and programmers will be able to access data process centers ( Data Center ) or companies produc software.

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In work in IT partments of companies, from the SME sector. Their practical knowlge, gain as a system user, will be an additional asset, valuable when work on the product. Analysts , integrators and IT managers who unrstand cloud comput technology will not complain about the lack of interest of employers in . Their skills will be important for UK Email Database corporate IT partments to more effectively use the services provid by cloud provirs. Abandonment of locally install solutions, Exchange servers , Active Directory or local storage , in favor of cloud services, may result in changes among the staff administer a given infrastructure, but not among people responsible for Helpsk.

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