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People in the office (due to the coronavirus panmic) or answer of Centre As we read in the publication of the Polish Agency Conditions and good practices” Representatives of public administration should use the digital capabilities of communication platforms as often as possible. Communication at a distance is usually much faster and more effective than the ne to make personal visits to a given office. Cloud solutions allow you to implement the socall Office Information Center or Contact Center for resints. This type of platform provis the opportunity to communicate with the office in many different ways, which not only increases the comfort of the entire interaction, but also fits in with the government’s Accessibility Plus program.

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It is the client of the office who cis whether to call, send an SMS, use the chat on the website or download the mobile application. The most popular option remains the telephone. signat employees can be direct to a dicat hotline resints can easily obtain Croatia Mobile Number List the necessary information on the regulations, al with matters that do not require a visit to the office and will be able to find out how to optimally solve their problems or fill out complicat documents all by phone, in the comfort of their own home. The Office’s Information Center perfectly supports the module for managing resints’ applications (the socall sk). The official does not have to worry about information dispersion or disk storage limitations.

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All contact tails are available in one place in the cloud using this fact, the official quickly and easily settles the matter, without wasting time looking for old messages or asking about contact attempts receiv by another person. We write more about the UK Email Database advantages of the Office’s Information Center here. As you can see, business cloud solutions perfectly fit into the government’s plans for digital transformation of Poland, and what is equally important,  the work of officials. The velopment of morn technologies allows us to hope that more and more such solutions will appear Sources stat.

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