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The first list is also a starting point for further expansion of  – bas on it, we create a set of thematically relat words that have the potential to bring valuable traffic to your website. Keyword analysis = your website through the eyes of the customer You already know that your vision of how potential customers use the search engine may be wrong. Keyword analysis, however, will support you not only in getting out of the error, but also in finding an idea how you can help them, at advantage of your offer. Search Intent Your website should contain content that will be interesting for users at every stage of the purchasing decision. I will describe it with a short example. Suppose you sell women’s clothing.

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The user googles what wding dress So he’s obviously looking for advice. Showing her one product, or a category with a hundr dresses, even the most beautiful ones, will not support her. But a blog entry describing how to choose a dress that fits the China Phone Number List occasion will be perfect. Of course, we will then include links to the propos products or categories in the content. Continuing the example – another potential customer enters “winter jacket” – here a better solution will be to show the category, because it is not a question, at the same time the user did not provide any specifics relat to the clothing she was looking for.

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Google is trying to support its users in finding developing algorithms that examine the intention of searches. It does not display products or services for phrases relat to the search for knowlge, but if you enter, for example, a specific device UK Email Database model (without any additions), you can mostly expect offers from stores. There are 4 basic search intentions that determine the shape of the query: informational – seeking knowlge or a solution to a problem – contain words such as “how”, “when”, “what is it”, “why” other question forms, transactional – in this case, the user wants to perform a specific action, it is not only about buying a product or service, but alsmaking a reservation, registering.

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