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Appropriate implementation of these elements has a positive effect on of it by search engines users. Creating unique valuable content – ​​creating content that is tailor to the site useful to the audience is the basis for effectively building the visibility of the site. It can then rank high for specific key phrases within the site, provide users with useful information. Building a natural network of links – high-quality external links that direct to a given website positively affect its perception by search engines. Therefore, a valuable network of links positively affects its position. Black Hat SEO – basic information Black Hat SEO refers to the techniques us in SEO that go against the guidelines set by the search engines.

These techniques are design to manipulate

The organic search results so that the page is rank higher in the SERPs. The main goal of Black Hat SEO is to get quick easy positions in the search results without paying much attention to the audience. This means that the site may be optimiz for search Bosnia and Herzegovina Phone Number List engine algorithms in a way that is against its policies, may be difficult to navigate not provide a good user experience. Black Hat SEO Forms Examples of Black Hat SEO techniques include Keyword stuffing – this technique consists in artificial stuffing of keywords in the content available on the website or its meta tags. This is to allow the website to rank high for specific phrases.

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However this negatively affects clarity

Naturalness of the text can potentially be penaliz by the search engine. Cloaking – a technique that aims to present content or URLs that are different to search engines than users. It is manipulating search engine rankings hiding the true nature of the UK Email Database content shown to users. Cloaking is therefore consider a violation of the rules adopt by search engines. Link farms – These are low-quality websites that are creat for the sole purpose of generating links back to the target site. This is therefore where backlinks are collect therefore do not add value to the user. The use of this practice is therefore discourag. Hiding content or links – consists in hiding various content on the page key phrasesor excessively us links.

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