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Which allowed to check the impact of the optimization changes on the Quality Score. 6. Similar audience in the search engine maj2017 The ability to target Similar Audiences on. The Display Network has been available since 2013, and last year. It was introduced on the Search Network and Google Shopping. Thanks to this feature you can target ads to people. Whose activity is similar to the behavior of users on specific remarketing lists. 7. Maximizing the number of conversions maj2017 Due to the trend of automating activities. Google introduced a new Smart Bidding strategy “Maximize the number of conversions”. It aims to get as many conversions as possible. Within the specified budget (the strategy aims to fully use the daily budget.

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Information about the campaign, evaluation of contextual signals appearing during the auction and automatic adjustment of the optimal CPC bid. To use the strategy: conversion goals must be defined in the AdWords account. The campaign must phone number list have a separate budget (cannot use a shared budget). 8. Call Rate Adjustment July2017 Since last summer. A solution has been introduced for advertisers who want to receive more phone calls. The ability to adjust click-through. Rates for call-only ads and ads with call extensions. Allows you to control how often call options appear in search.

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The new AdWords panel. Source: own, 05/01/2018. 9. New reports for shopping ads august2017 For even better optimization of product campaigns and product control.  In the top position and about the status of products. The first one is available UK Email Database on the Diagnostics tab on the products page. Shows the status of the products included in the campaign: “ready to serve”, “not ready to serve”, “inactive” and “disapproved”. In the case of the “rejected” status, you can see the reasons and a list of affected products. By adding the “Search for top impression share” column.

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