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All this also adds up to a waste of time on the client’s si. Which will take longer to solve the case. A higher level of employee efficiency Shorter time to settle a case or a greater. Number of clos requests (daily) are just some of the benefits of using the system to handle requests. However, even if we only consir these examples, they will increase the level of effectiveness of each consultant. On the scale of the entire enterprise, even small individual changes can result in a global improvement in efficiency, and thus, in the velopment of the organization. Bas on the. Nntroduc changes, it may turn out that there are too many employees in our.

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Training or a change of position, while others will discover new methods of operation. Completely new improvements, opportunities and Cameroon Mobile Number List possibilities Using the ticket system (system for handling requests), the organization has endless amounts of data about its customers. Their proper analysis, as well as drawing the right conclusions and taking the right actions on this basis, leads to the acquisition of invaluable. Knowlge. It is worth asking yourself questions, the answer to which lies in the information obtain in this way.

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Reach your company every day, and how many weekly or monthly? How many of them do your consultants actually receive Do you have the ability to check the number of calls that your consultants did not answer? Do you know what is the UK Email Database average Do you know the number of tickets clos in the first contact per day and week? Do you know the average time to close. Such cases per month? Do you know what percentage of notifications your company receives from the following contact channels telephone form? Do you know what percentage of all activities unrtaken daily by BOK employees.

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