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Focus Telecom provis scalable, multi-channel services that enable full integration. The number of stations can be increas or creas at any time without the intervention of a technician or the purchase of new equipment. The Call Center House cid to implement the FCC system and focus on specific functionalities that were to help achieve the company’s business goals. Functionality: Multi-campaign Call Center House carries out many campaigns at the same time. Without the multi-campaign feature, an agent who didn’t have a hotline call was wast time wait for a call.

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Another campaign are liver to him at that time. The script and the form inform the agent from which channel the call comes from and automatically display data assign to a specific campaign. When execut multiple projects simultaneously, CCH uses campaign Nigeria Mobile Number List prioritization functions, thanks to which you can optimize activities and increase profits. In turn, the function of prioritiz communication channels allows you to termine which communication channel is the most important in a specific campaign and should be handl first. Functionality: API API (Application Programm Interface) enables easy integration with third-party systems. Thanks to this, integration can take place on any of the integrat sites.

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To use the maximum capabilities of your call contact center system in conjunction with databases, CRM Market Automation system . Functionality: IVR: Voice announcement system The IVR solution is us in CCH to handle incom calls. It allows you to segregate UK Email Database calls, so agents can work more efficiently. IVR can be easily and quickly configur by yourself, without the ne to contact an external company. In addition, the CCH features Skill & Profit Bas Rout , distribution of calls bas on the consultant’s skills as well as call prioritization and sett the VIP status. Functionality: SMS channel The service allows you to send and receive text messages and create their templates.

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