The Facts Behind Messenger’s Benefits To Get Lazada

The average email has an open rate of 21% according to GetResponse. This means if you get 40%, that’s a pretty good sign of digital marketing.

Meanwhile, couriers have an open rate of 70% to 80% consistently. Apart from that, a report from Forbes also states that the Messenger chatbot also gets a 400% return on investment, the same as ManyChat. 

What could be the explanation for Messenger’s dominance over email? It could be that people are more prone to opening their Messenger than their email. Or it could be that we are still a little surprised and curious to see businesses contacting us on messenger. 

With statistics like that, you can really use such a tool to improve your Lazada business. 

Here’s how you can also use Messenger chatbots to collect Lazada reviews.

Roll People Into Your Channel

The rule of thumb here is to let your customers come to you and let your chatbot do the rest. 

So how do you roll people? For starters, you should regularly run both Facebook ads and click-to-message ads. This whatsapp mobile number list allows you to increase your pace and build your audience. 

The goal of regular advertising is to build an audience. Don’t link your add to your listing. Instead, it should go directly to your landing page. The goal is that you will be able to create calls to action (CTA) for subscribers to join your Messenger list.

Meanwhile, the JSON ad directs prospects to the messenger stream. The disadvantage of the latter is getting uninformed subscribers. This means people will be part of your Messenger list but they may not have any awareness of what your brand has to offer. 

Running JSON and regular Facebook ads gives you an edge in your digital marketing strategy.

Convince People To Choose Your Chatbot Messenger Using Coupons Or Discounts

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There is one more vital aspect of your marketing funnel. You also need to offer incentives that will encourage people UK Email Database to engage with your Messenger chatbot. 

The simplest and most efficient approach is to offer coupons or discounts that people can’t refuse.

The person sees the coupon. He must engage with your Messenger chatbot to get the coupon. When he picks up the coupon, he automatically becomes part of your Messenger list

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