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If the customer still has doubts, he expects to be able to get an answer to his question almost immiately. For example, if a question ask in the chat does not get an answer within a dozen or so seconds, they will most likely give up waiting and go to another store (LivePerson, A global in-pth study of the online customer experience ). Customer . in Poland – global standards, limit possibilities Webinar recording ” Trends in morn service ” Watch the full webinar recording. The Polish . customer has similar expectations and methods of operation to customers from mature markets such as the Unit States, Germany or Australia. The use of digital channels and mobile vices for shopping in.

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Smartphones are us by ¾ of Polish Internet users, including % of people unr – and this percentage is growing. Even if customers intend to buy products in brick-and-mortar stores, about half of Polish Internet users analyze their parameters and Brazil Mobile Number List prices online beforehand, often consulting the e-shop staff – this creates the so-call. ROPO effect (research online purchase offline) (Gemius report). Client . does not draw a line between the Internet and the real world, as well as between private and corporate communication channels . While viewing the product in the store, he will ask the manufacturer on Facebook a question about the available mols.

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Shop consultant, he will expect that he knows the content of his Facebook conversation yesterday. Customer expectations set ever higher standards for Polish e-shops, which some stores have great problems meeting. Michał Misiak, CTO of Focus Telecom Polska: The basis for pro-customer activity is a change of mentality and acceptance of the UK Email Database three basic principles of customer service . . Firstly, multi-channel communication, with chat being the favorite among young consumers. Secondly, real-time collection of data from all channels and making them available to the consultant currently serving the client, using the omnichannel strategy. Thirdly, fast, competent and personaliz service on every channel, both online and offline.

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