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What motivates suppliers? The ne for greater mobility and openness to cloud comput at recipients helps and mobilizes provirs to gradually expand their service portfolio. Paradoxically, hints regard the velopment of technology are also provid by opponents of “cloud”, pay particular attention to security issues, scope of functionality or integration with other solutions. The proof that their opinions are not unrestimat is the clear technological leap that cloud comput services have record in recent years in all three of these areas. Favorable prospect Market forecasts all.

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Comput technology. The IDC report “Poland Cloud Services Market – Forecast and Competitive Analysis” states that in the value of the cloud comput market in Poland (includ both private and public clouds) account for nearly % of the value Dominican Republic Mobile Number List of the entire IT outsourc market, estimat at over USD million. The cloud comput market is also the most dynamically velop part of ICT. The project average annual growth rate until is %, well above the average for the entire IT services market, which remains slightly above %. Wise use Ewa Zborowska, an IDC analyst, draws attention to the wise use of cloud.

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Task should not only be to optimize IT costs, but also to more efficiently manage many areas of the company’s activity, introduc new products, customer service, reach the market. Such an approach, accord to Ewa Zborowska, will only allow “to UK Email Database build a real competitive advantage, and not only to improve financial indicators.Such an approach to cloud comput should accompany its users, especially in times of economic slowdown, which will be one of the factors of its velopment in Poland. From the point of view of a provir of telecommunications solutions, cloud comput technology has a business potential that will not be exhaust in the com years.

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