questions about promoting a feature film at the cinema

It all depends on the type of film Рfiction, animation, documentary, art & essay  the average for French films is around 10% of the total budget. What are the main communication media of a film.

The main communication media are trailers.

display advertising (print), publications in the press and promotion on the web, mainly via social ads. Certainly one can always speak of a media chronology. Although this has been turn upside down by.

the development of new technologies (VOD, Streaming, etc.) and the arrival of new players (Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, etc.), the chronology is dictat by the purchasing policy of main buyers.

Conclusion to promote a film in the rules of the art

To conclude, we can be sure that the success of a film at the box office depends on a substantial budget. The main budget of a film is allocated to advertising displays (print).

even if this makes it difficult to target its audience. The big channels will be Iceland Phone Number List able to buy the rights to broadcast a film at the peak.

before the other players, while the free channels will have to wait 2 to 3 years.

It is also preferable to take care of your communication media.

in particular the trailers that will be broadcast in cinemas and on the Internet, 2 communication media that are becoming more and more important to promote a film.

Take inspiration from these tactics to promote

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