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Do you want to create your website for your business and install a theme on WordPress to save time? In this article, you will understand that this is not always a good idea. But then, why create a custom WordPress theme rather than downloading one? Create your own WordPress theme is ideal for developing an effective site and adapting it to your marketing strategy. Thanks to the tailor-made development of your site, you will be able to differentiate yourself more easily from the competition.

Let’s take a closer look with the 5 reasons from Kevin Benabdelhak , freelance graphic designer  that make you want to build a custom theme for your WordPress site!

 Optimize your semantic tags in HTML

Among all the reasons to create a custom theme on WordPress, this remains the most obvious to me: Optimize the HTML structure of your pages .

Indeed, the majority of WordPress themes available on the market do not use the correct semantic tags offered by HTML.

Reminder  : semantic tags are used to  determine the meaning of a text or other element on a web page.

For example, there are 6 levels Afghanistan Phone Number List of content tags in HTML (H tag), from H1 to H6.

There are also specific tags for paragraphs, buttons, tables, sidebar, navigation menu, footer…

HTML tags are  a great way for Google to understand content data on a website.

If a page is poorly optimized, you are not helping Google to better understand your content… And therefore, it may not “rank” you well in search results.

You will find all the HTML5 tags on

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In short, to come back to the most common problems encountered on WordPress themes, even if the H1 is the most important HTML tag in the content of a web page, it is unfortunately absent on many WordPress themes.

But sometimes it’s worse.

On many themes, this tag is duplicated or UK Email Database even inserted in the logo of the website.

My advice  : creating your WordPress theme is above all about regaining control over your website! You will be able to structure it as you see fit, whether for your WordPress page templates or the structure of articles.

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