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Graduates will receive: Upon completion of the SAL program – American Law School Completion Certificate . The certificate will be issu by SAL Chicago-Kent, sign by. The an of Chicago-Kent College of Law the SAL Program Director. ITT graduate, Chicago-Kent College of Law – IIT gree, Chicago-Kent College of Law Since , the SAL Program in Athens has been attend by more than stunts from the Balkans, the Miterranean & Europe, enabling them to get an amazing experience abroad to gain the global competencies that will fine their role as future in the world lscape. of the stunts graduates are lawyers from Albania.Advantages of the program Benefit from the knowlge of the combin structure of the SAL Program starting in Athens without leaving the current jobs by taking live or online interactive lessons.

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The completion of the SAL Program in Athens, Greece, through the combination of five intensive live courses through digital mia from traditional classrooms; Exemption from TOEFL for SAL & applications, without passing the TOEFL or Germany Mobile Number List IELTS exams. Preferential immiate admission to the. Chicago-Kent upon completion of the SAL Program; Earning a postgraduate M in. International . Transnational Law” at Chicago-Kent in one semester instead of one acamic year; Guarante % % tuition scholarships. After completing one semester at. Chicago-Kent, stunts can continue their ucation for an optional second semester earn an gree in the most sought-after majors.

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Property Law, in Financial Service Law with % scholarships; After completing the Master’s studies at Chicago-Kent, graduates can continue their doctoral studies (. SJD) with a scholarship of % of the fee; Affordable tuition payment plan in two or UK Email Database more installments while studying in the SAL & Chicago-Kent Program; Postponement of admission to Chicago-Kent for during the next three acamic years ; On-campus off-campus employment opportunities in the US; Access to intership externship practices in the USA; The best place in the world – Chicago-Kent’s central campus is locat in the heart of the city of Chicago – one of the best legal & financial markets in the US; veloping a strong professional network, fostering connections with a diverse community of professionals across the US.

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