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With the br, taking over power To keep customers, you ne to underst the principles of modern dem  adapt your offer accordingly, paying attention to customer nes Personalization  adaptation are important factors in modern marketing,  two-way communication between the company  the consumer PROCESS – ENSURING A COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE It is now extremely important to prioritize processes that intersect with the customer experience Process management is not only about purely technical matters, such as product manufacturing It is very important to provide the opportunity to experience the service To do this, management processes must be customer-centric.

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The customer must feel comfortable At this point, we observe the channels that the consumer uses to discover  obtain information about the products offer by the company MATERIAL CERTIFICATE – THE LEGITIMACY OF TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THE OFFER The seventh P of the marketing mix, ie physical evidence, concerns the Ecuador Mobile Number List optimization of the physical environment of a product or service Material evidence plays an important role, especially in the service sector, because the perception of a service cannot be influenc as easily as, for example, in the case of a product with high-quality design The purpose of physical evidence is therefore to positively influence.

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The subjective perception of the client through the visible environment of the service in accordance with the company’s goals Appropriate employee dress code, product design, architecture, appearance  material are the main tools Seventh UK Email Database also gives you the opportunity to st out from the competition: many providers offer similar services, however, significantly different in terms of atmosphere MARKETING PS  CS – AN EFFECTIVE COMBINATION? Marketing mix C is a business tool that was develop by Robert F Lauterborn in  The C model is particularly consumer-orient The exchange from P to C is as follows: Product-Customer Value ; Price-Cost ; Place-Convenience ; Promotion-Communication  Thanks to such defin focus on the customer, the combination of  can be a good action for your br when you expect a high level of customer satisfaction.

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