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Global NGO Technology Report of NGOs worldwi already have a LinkIn profile; of them publish less than once a week, publish once a week, every other day, only at least once a day. In Pol, over million people use LinkIn The largest number of users – . million – are people between years old, . are women . are men. About , foundations about , associations have creat a profile of their organizations on the website, but none is follow by more than , people. How is LinkIn different from Facebook or Instagram? LinkIn is, of course, a platform serving mainly recruitment marketing purposes, but for social organizations it can be a their activities gain contacts with companies.

Valuable channel to promote

Therefore it is worth adapting the post content to the nes of the business, showing, for example, employee volunteering opportunities, joint projects, actions, campaigns, or a proposal to support activities by the company. Of course, it is Sri Lanka Mobile Number List still important to show promote the activities of our organization, but each post is worth consiring in terms of the profile of people who use LinkIn. Graphics or infographics will be a valuable supplement to the content. Vio format can also be us. Hashtags work well, especially since anyone can subscribe to the ones they are interest in.

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It is possible to write longer articles

With graphics interactive links to create simple polls in which users of the site can vote. We can also, as an admin of the organization’s page, create an event invite our contacts to it. The function of tagging people who have their profile on the website UK Email Database or company profiles works well. The KIDS Foundation us this in a creative way in its campaign “The youngest recruiter in the world”. KIDS Foundation youngest headhunter – linkin Source KIDS Foundation Children’s Hospital Innovators Club | The “Youngest Headhunter in the World” action is launch! See also the vio The youngest headhunter in the world LinkIn for an NGO Lear Benefits.

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