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Virtual assistants will stay with us for longer. Image source mordorintelligence If your company has a problem with timely customer service, maybe it’s time to think about a virtual assistant that will relieve your consultants? At the end of , Dziennik Gazeta Prawna publish an article on the growing popularity of voicebots in the banking sector . It turns out that they are already an important communication channel at mBank, Alior Bank, PKO BP, Nest Bank and Santanr Bank. Certainly, there will be more such assistants. Another solution that helps in automating customer service is the Text Speech function. This speech synthesizer is increasingly us in hotlines with variable messages or creat to conduct telephone surveys.

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Assistants are part of one more trend, which we will now talk about. Trend selfservice vs. customer service This trend is visible primarily in ecommerce. According to the Gladly report , of responnts prefer to solve their online (which is a increase compar to ). Image Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List source gladlyreports customerex pectationsreport This is one of the reasons why chatbots are so popular ( of customers answer that they are especially helpful when they do not have time or sire to talk to a consultant). As an online business owner, you should provi your customers with everything they ne to get as much information as possible quickly and easily, on your own.

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This is also seen in stationary tra. More and more stores provi selfservice checkouts that allow scanning of all purchases and quick payment (usually via BLIK or a payment card). Selfservice checkouts can be found in almost every major store. They are us by chains such as Bironka, cathlon, Leroy Merlin, Auchan and Lidl. Again, this is a winwin for both UK Email Database parties (both the organization and its customers), with the main benefits being time savings and convenience. If the client can do something without your help make it easier for him! Trend mobile traffic in customer service In , mobile vices approach the threshold for the share of online traffic for the first time. In the first quarter of , it was almost .

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