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Your blacklist is creat by itself – from time to time you. Will contact people who do not want your offers and ask not to talk to them again. You can also. Update your database with a central negative database, the so-call The Robinson List. It is a register of persons kept by an association or a state institution (in Poland it is run by the Direct Marketing Association SMB) who do not wish to receive any unsolicit commercial information. In some countries where equivalents of the Robinson List are in place, it is mandatory to compare your own contact database with the List. Blacklist and Robinson List is not everything But relying on negative lists alone will not cover all the obligations of contact center laws.

According to the regulations you must

Obtain consent to contact, provi the recipient with. Strictly fin information, or ensure the proper conclusion of a distance contract. The blacklist can’t handle that. So you ne a multi-stage security system. Let’s expand on the example Changsha Mobile Phone Number List from the previous post . Let’s raise the difficulty level. Let’s see how the system and consultants al with it. Scripts and automatic recordings will facilitate the transfer of. Information You integrate your contact center management system with the CRM of the client who orr you a telemarketing campaign (you can read about why you should integrate the call contact center management system with CRM here.

Phone Number List

You pay special attention to classifiers

Someone has not consent to be contact and. This is mark in CRM, they automatically receive the “do not call” classifier (which you have configur and nam earlier). That should be enough, but you’re also setting up an automation rule that puts all recipients UK Email Database with a “do not call” rating on your system’s built-in blacklist. Yes, just in case. You and your consultants go into action. The action is going exemplary – you have an experienc team after all. In addition, you prepar yourself, remember all the regulations and velop a procure for each activity requir by law. In the light of the regulations, consultants must inform the recipient where they got his telephone number, on whose behalf and why they are calling, and also provi their own data.

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