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What could have been done? It is mandatory to check. The quality of the script. A good tool would be the Focus Contact Center scripter, which allows you to. Quickly change the script and analyze their effects. Perhaps it is enough to tell about a given. Element of the offer a little shorter or at another point in the conversation. Call recordings, their analysis and use. During training also significantly improve the effectiveness of telemarketing (to make their analysis easy and quick, it is worth using the recording tagging available on the Focus Contact Center platform). Mistake : Not building a relationship with the customer Mr. Piotr wants to take a second loan from company.

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Advantage of the offer of company. Which offers very. Good conditions for the first loan, but he cid that it would be easier and faster to stay with the current lenr. When applying for the first loan from the G company, Mr. Piotr provid all formal Shandong Mobile Phone Number List data, such as name and surname, PESEL number, ID number, etc., but also specifi the purpose of the loan and his further financial plans in a telephone conversation. It turn out, however, that when applying for another loan, he had to re-enter all the information, and the consultant he was talking to did not associate the previous conversation at all. In this situation, Mr. Piotr cid that it was not worth being a loyal customer of G and cid to take advantage of the offer.

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What could have been done To prevent

Such problems, you ne to use a communication platform coupl with a database (like Focus Contact Center). All collect customer data, as well as the history of contacts with him, are record and automatically display to the consultant during a conversation with a given customer. For the sale of loans to be effective, you ne to focus your UK Email Database efforts on high-quality service. Without it, neither an excellent offer nor special marketing efforts will bring the expect sales results. And the loss of each customer is a finite cost to the company. The market offers dozens of callcontact center solutions, all advertis as providing a wi range of functions, convenient to use and easy to implement.

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