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In times of a global panmic causing social restrictions these numbers are particularly puzzling. Unfortunately, almost half of the responnts admit that easy contact with a representative of the alership ( AdColony ) is of great importance to them when consiring the purchase of a car, and as many as out of responnts clare that they are more  process can start online ( COX Automotive ). What is even more worrying, as many as of consumers say that they buy products from the company they call first. Lack of knowlge about interactions with customers of the alership station The crease in the number of transactions relat to the purchase of cars caus by lower supply on the car market means that the importance of maintenance services and the F&I partment of each aler is growing.

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On the one hand, we notice a natural increase in the importance of us cars and longterm rental. On the other hand, the stations can no longer base their strategy on sales success, and thus they outdo each other in offering customers the best Belgium Mobile Number List service solutions and additional services. The only question is on the basis of what data can they do it effectively? Unfortunately, we often encounter the phenomenon of clarative management at aler stations. Sales staff and other salon employees still use outdat methods to collect information about customers and interactions with them. What’s worse staff turnover caus by the panmic results in the trar taking his entire information base with him often in a private notebook or phone application.

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Communication with the client A system for multichannel communication with the customer, giving the opportunity to analyze all activities carri out in its scope, is today a business necessity for every alership and car showroom. The use of the functions UK Email Database available in it will result in the maximization of sales opportunities, the ability to create an optimal strategy for directional commercial activities and effective team Choosing the first option allows you to rirect the user straight to the station employee.are likely to choose another brand. The number of messages sent by customers to businesses via Facebook increas by more.

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