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Perform appropriate actions pend on the content placed in the tasks. Tools for automat customer service processes also enable proper monitor of work and download reports . Thanks to this, analyz the process and introduc further improvements is much easier. Other important functions also inclu: Task priorities cid on the orr of assigned tasks Increas the efficiency of consultants’ work (optimization possible) Thus, the system enables us to better organize work and increase its efficiency by prioritiz tasks ( more important customers have priority in service), and by the superior cid on assigned tasks . Automated process Automation in customer service processes ensures efficient multi-channel communication.

The omnichannel approach gives

The same quality of service regardless of the chosen communication channel. Automation in customer service processes also applies to internal communication . In the next steps of the process, the system sends automatic notifications to the. Appropriate Brazil Mobile Number List people from the partments al with the problem. In addition, each employee receives notifications and reminrs sent by the system. In the case of a complaint, it will be the cooperation of the Customer Service Office and the bt Collection partment . BOK will verify the complaint, and the bt collection partment will receive an automatic notification about the suspension of bt collection activities.

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In addition the invoice and settlement

Partment will also be involved in the process, which will also verify the content of the complaint. When a cision is ma on the Customer’s complaint, the application will be closed . BOK will prepare the content of the response and send it for verification UK Email Database by the. Invoice and settlement partment. Then the system will send a response to the client and archive it. The message will also be sent to fined persons, such as superiors or management. The customer will be notified automatically in due time, thanks to which the complaint process will run without reservations.

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