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Follow Agnieszka Krzyżak-Pitura Mirella Panek-Owsiańska – CSRESG, diversity, fundraising, women’s learship Mirella Panek-Owsianska Linkin On my profile, I share my knowlge experience resulting from working at the intersection of the social, business, public acamic sectors. In the newsletter tekstyakcja I recommend valuable texts actions. During the monthly knowlge cycles, I publish interesting material every day, about Philantropia, Women Learship or Social Innovations. Follow Mirella Panek-Owsiańska Other resources you may be interest in Donor journey – how to make the donor stay with your organization for longer? Socially engag marketing, or everyone wins.

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The Food Bank in Warsaw the Empowering Children Foundation on LinkIn Many NGOs use the same content graphics on. LinkIn that they post on Facebook. Before you start writing your next post, it’s worth consiring will it be unrstable interesting Norway Mobile Number List for people working in business, whether it encourages, persuas, convinces – it has a CTA (call to action), does it contain information. That someone would like to save for later or share. You should work on a communication style that will be both characteristic of your. Organization tailor to people using LinkIn. LinkIn in NGO communication. A few tips to start with Want to make friends with LinkIn? Remember Get start – create your profile by filling out the basic data, it doesn’t have to be perfect right away, over time you can add more information links.

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How to write a really good social project? CONTACT THE ITOR Michal Serwinski SHARE Facebook Twitter LinkIn E-mail Printing subscribe Connect with guest POST Mirella Panek-Owsianska Mirella. Panek-Owsianska For over years, it has UK Email Database been operating at the junction of the non-governmental, public. Business acamic sectors. CSR, social communication fundraising expert. Author of press articles, lecturer, mentor trainer. One of the founrs of the for Girls foundation, graduate member of the School for Lears Council, long-term presint of the Responsible Business Forum, former spokeswoman for Amnesty International.

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