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This taxpayer loses the right to tax in a in the tax year is oblig to pay advances on income earn since the beginning of the year, calculat using the scale interest for late payment on arrears in respect of these advances. An even more rigorous provision is in the Act on flatrate income tax on certain incomes earn by natural persons Article introduces the principle that if a taxpayer operating independently or in the form of a company, who has chosen lumpsum taxation on register income, will obtain revenue from this activity from the sale of commercial goods or products or from the provision of services to a former or current employer, corresponding to activities, which the taxpayer or at least.

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The year precing the tax year or perform or performs in the tax year under an employment relationship or a cooperative employment relationship, this taxpayer loses the right to tax in the form of a lump sum on register income in the tax year , starting from Bahamas Mobile Number List the date of obtaining this income until the end of the tax year, pays income tax on general terms. As you can see, in this case, not only the current year, , is taken into account, but also Thus, with regard to entrepreneurs providing services to their former employer, they can choose a lump sum for , if this cooperation has end no later than December , , sums up Izabela Rutkowska.

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Health insurance is also important

When comparing forms of taxation, one should also take into account the burden of the health contribution whether it can be settl in tax ductible costs or duct from revenue or income. In the case of taxpayers who have chosen the tax according UK Email Database to the scale, the contribution is income is neither ductible nor ductible from income. If they chose a flat tax, the contribution is percent. income can either be tax ductible or duct from income in the amount not exceing , in a tax year. – enumerates Izabela Rutkowska. In both cases, however, this premium cannot be lower than minimum wage. Due to its change twice this year from January from July.

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