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Such a register may be The Robinson List, currently optional, maintain by the Polish Market Association SMB. We mention it in the article about system protection against send unwant commercial information . Prohibition of send SPAM – lawyer’s comment The ePrivacy Regulation provis for strengthen protection against unsolicit messages sent for the purpose of direct market, the so-call SPAM. In accordance with ePrivacy regulations, it is necessary to obtain the user’s prior consent to receive such communications, regardless of the communication channel by which they are liver. In orr to facilitate the effective enforcement of EU SPAM rules, activities such as intity mask, the use of false intities.

False return addresses or numbers

When send unsolicit commercial communications for direct market purposes should be prohibit. Unsolicit market communications should therefore be clearly intifiable as such and should indicate the intity of the entity send them or on whose Uganda Mobile Number List behalf they are sent and provi the information necessary for recipients to exercise their right to object to receiv further written or oral market messages. The new SPAM regulation will certainly affect entrepreneurs, mak it more difficult for them to conduct market us electronic communication services. ePrivacy regulations on SPAM will be particularly severe for telemarketers. Calls from telemarketers will be easy to intify and ignore.

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Eprivacy project Penalties National

Data protection authorities will be responsible for enforc the confintiality provisions of the Regulation. The ePrivacy project provis for criminal sanctions intical to the GDPRGDPR for non-compliance with the provisions of the regulation. Infrement UK Email Database of certain provisions of the Regulation may lead to administrative fines of up to EUR . In the case of an enterprise, up to of its total annual worldwi turnover from the previous financial year. Conversely, infrement of other provisions of the Regulation carries penalties of up to EUR or of total annual worldwi income in the case of a company. Penalties – lawyer’s comment The enforcement of the provisions of the ePrivacy.

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