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Creat in it is display in many other places So it’s not just here About search results, but also those belonging to the Google advertising network. Gmail  YouTube But that’s not all Google advertising is also display on. Partner websites that belong to. The Google network What’s more, with the help of Google Ads, the advertiser can publish a variety of ads They can be in the form of text, image  even video ads However, this is only the beginning of the possibilities that the Google Ads campaign opens up for advertisers How does Google Ads work. When searching for ne products or services on the Internet, an Internet user enters specific keywords into the Google search engine.

The display of advertisements

Due to the fact that specific advertising content is assign to them, after placing these keywords in the Google search engine window, you are rirect to the search results page, where both paid  free ads are locat The former are bill bas on how popular Egypt Mobile Number List the given key phrases are The rate for them also increases depending on how much the competition is willing to pay for them So we can say that the Google Ads system works according to the bidding model The Google Ads advertising network has a huge reach  covers over millions of websites, applications  even portals such as YouTube Thanks to this, the ad creat in Google will be display to many people – according to Google data, it reaches over  of Internet users around the world As you can see.

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Who will see your google

Google Ads gives entrepreneurs a huge reach Especially considering the fact that as many as   of Internet users use the Google search network in Pol  What’s more, the advertiser himself also has an impact on who his Google ad should reach All you UK Email Database have to do when creating a campaign is configure it in such a way that it reaches a Each advertisement in the Google search engine can be direct to a specific group of users who are potentially interest in your offer so-call Search engine ad targeting can be done in several ways For this purpose, eg keywords that are us for text ads In addition.

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