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The creators of the iPhone as you know did not invent anything new – they simply effectively embodi long-ripen ideas in their device. This well-known textbook example shows that it is not enough for a business to simply arm itself with good ideas. It is equally important to pack present them beautifully. It is especially important to observe this principle in the field of IT high technology where brilliant ideas go h in h with complex concepts. In our twenty years of experience in developing IT products we have firmly understood that intricate presentations with a stream of technical terms do not make the right impression on the customer. On the contrary the client feels alienat from his own project.

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The idea simply drives everyone into borom. It became obvious that the client’s request nes to be carefully analyz visualiz digitiz packag in a visual form to show a prototype or a semantic image of a prototype – a mind map. Without this it is simply Qatar Phone Number List impossible to ensure the involvement of the customer in the development. What is a mind map What is a mind map Mind map mind map mind map association map mental map or mind map are all different names for the same practice of drawing thoughts. The key idea here is to visualize the concept not in the form of linear lists although you can’t do without them but in the form of a hierarchically organiz system.

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Categories in the mind map do not live by themselves. They are caus by something lead to something. It remains only to express it graphically. Such a map often looks like a tree diagram that grows in all directions at once. But there are no strict rules here you can organize a mind map in any convenient form. The main thing is ease of perception. Building a UK Email Database mind map begins with a key idea or central theme. The most important categories concepts are form around it which later receive their own development detailing. With the help of a mind map creative teams brainstorm students take notes analysts managers plan projects designers think through UX managers draw up terms of reference. We came to the conclusion that this form is very convenient for visually demonstrating the architecture of a site or a digital ecosystem.

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