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It was the largest increase in the history of this segment. CAAS Internet access services are an inseparable partner of IP communication. Without the Internet, which is the mium for IP communication, as well as the popularization of virtualization, the emergence of cloud comput would not be possible. The increase in mand for IP PBX solutions, motivat by the sire to ruce the costs of do business, has contribut to the creation of companies offer CaaS servicesCommunication as a Service, initially fin as Host IPBX in the cloud comput mol. CaaS tempts not only with a short implementation time and lower connection costs.

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Fees or a low activation fee, a fix subscription pend on the number of services us, most often measur by the number of numbers or telephones us. CaaS gave customers, especially from the SME sector, the opportunity to use morn communication Croatia Mobile Number List tools, which until now were reserv only for corporations. In addition, customers were offer a much wir range of services – in addition to the standard ones they are us to in ISDN solutions, integrat services are also available: efax, IVR, call record, call reports, statistics, call center, contact center, tele and vioconferences, sometimes even crm. UCaaS The next stage in the velopment of business communication tools are.

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Implement in the as a Service UCaaS mol, giv the company the ability to communicate with customers and employees through many channels, IP telephony, SMS, Instant Messag, Unifi Messag , email, tele and vio conferenc, presence. UCaaS is UK Email Database primarily about optimiz business processes relat to communication and achiev financial benefits by ruc the time spent by employees on communication. Thanks to the use of UC, a company of employees can save , work days per year source: DIGIUM. IDC estimates that the UC segment will be worth $ . billion in EMEA in.

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