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Accord to IDC, services in the SaaS (Software as a Service) mol will grow the fastest, which at the end of had as much as of the total expenses incurr by new companies for solutions. In general, migration to the cloud, regardless of the coronavirus situation, translates not only into cost savs and better customer service , but also better scalability and flexibility, as well as ease of updat when necessary, which is extremely important in times of business uncertainty. What does a cloudbas contact center solution offer us in terms of customer service? In customer service, also in the current situation, the most important th is to solve the problems our customers come to us with as quickly and effectively as possible.

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Will certainly pay off. Thanks to this, we can ensure nearly answer rate and effectiveness of outgo calls . The system collects all information about consultants’ interactions with clients in one place. It is about every activity both of customers and agents Venezuela Mobile Number List start from the number of calls and r time, through work time and termin agent breaks, data from orrs, scripts and forms, end with the effect of conduct conversations. All information can be freely compil in real time into clear reports, thanks to which it is possible to effectively manage campaigns and ruce their costs. Below we present solutions within the system that not only improve customer service, but also provi us with important information about the customer and his nes and behavior.

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Work in customer service at a high level. Easytouse IVR (Voice Announcement System) IVR (interactive voice response) is an interactive caller service system. This is a function thanks to which the customer who calls us receives an individual voice announcement UK Email Database and can be direct directly to the partment that will solve his problem. IVR is the follow facilities – call forward if all lines are busy – rirection pends on the availability of consultants and individual queues (includ fin exceptions, holidays), – voicemail sett Call record, evaluation and management of records Call records are now a must have in every contact center.

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