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Reach buyers first Surely it will not surprise you if we write that it is much easier to encourage the user to make a repeat purchase than to look for new customers Therefore, it is a remarketing group that is definitely worth testing in your business. Remember, however, that in this case the right advertising content will be of great importance. When creating a copy (in terms of advertising content), keep in mind that you are reaching people who have already made a purchase. Let’s assume that you run a clothing store a specific group of people bought one of the products – this is your retargeting group. Take advantage of this fact offer them an item of clothing that will be a perfect complement to the previously purchas clothes or accessories.

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If you run a business with products that require cyclical purchase (e.g. cosmetics or pet food) is to remind users to replenish their stocks (after a certain period of time)what about inactive clients? There is a way for that too! For this C Level Contact List purpose, it is worth creating Facebook remarketing, under which you will inform “dormant” buyers about the company’s news or products similar to the purchas one. Don’t let your customers forget about you! Consider, depending on your industry, when you can retarget this group with your advertising message.

C Level Contact List

Maybe your assortment is seasonal

Motivation for inactive customers can also be a discount or a promotion in the form of multiple items Prevent abon carts with remarketing It happens that users add the product they are interest in to the shopping cart, but eventually leave the UK Email Database website without finalizing the transaction. There can be many reasons for this, but what is certainly in your hs is the ability to display an advertisement with your product encourage them to come back to make a purchase. Do you think it’s not enough to record an increase in sales in this group? Nothing could be more wrong! Apply this option see that it works! As well as only engage “viewers” The but the shopping path ends with just browsing the product.

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