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Effective communication dur teleconferences Your enthusiasm – lead the meet with an energetic voice. Participants cannot see each other or any visuals. The tone of the lear’s voice is the key to maintain the dynamics of the meet. introduc yourself before each speech – even when people who know each other participate. Voice over the phone sounds a bit different than in face-to-face contact. address questions – with each question, clearly indicate to whom you are ask it, similarly with a comment, clearly inform to whom you are address it – it is easier to avoid confusion when the interlocutors do not see each other’s faces and it increases the likelihood of gett an answer.

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Introduce people join the meet dur the meet. In the break between statements, say, for example, Zofia Rybczyńska, our chief accountant, has just joined us. Let’s continue.” convey emotions – “tricks” such as “roll your eyes” or lower your head are not Hong Kong Phone Numbers List visible dur a telephone conversation. End of teleconference briefly list all the issues discussed, recall cisions regard further actions, thank you for participat, instruct participants to end calls, send an e-mail summariz the finds of the meet. Fulfillment of the rules above will help you control the organization and course of the teleconference and will answer the question “How to make a teleconference right.

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From a real one, but it requires you, as the host, to be more vigilant and care about effective communication and a sensible summary. It is also worth consir the organization of a vioconference , which will certainly be easier to manage, because UK Email Database the participants will see each other and several organizational problems are solved in advance. Teleconferences are certainly business everyday, so it is worth know what to do to make such meets as effective as possible. So get to work!Are you wonr how the “ticket system” works and why you need it in your company.

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