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Learn more about solutions that increase the efficiency of. Customer service – talk to our experts> PHONE IN E-COMMERCE SERVICE – SUMMARY. Eobuwie strengthens its position on the e-commerce market. In August , the list company CCC bought . percent. shares of eobuwie. This move was the locomotive of the company’s success in Zielona Góra. What is the customer service like in an online store with such a large sales volume. See a short case study. On the use of the Focus Contact Center system at eobuwie. Eobuwie – one of the largest. Shops in our part of Europe The shoe sales lear in Poland and one of the largest online stores in Central Europe – eobuwie boldly sets new goals.

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The store is about , mols of shoes, bags and leather accessories. Eobuwie is the official distributor of over brands. The vast majority of customers are satisfi. The store won the GOOD BRAND – Quality, Trust, Reputation award and the prestigious Dubai Phone Number List title “Fashion Excellence of Your Style “. Repeatly award with Forbes Diamonds and Business. Gazelles, it can also boast of the first place in the rank of online stores Opineo and Money. Eobuwie also directs its offer to customers from abroad: there is, which is thriv on the Czech and Slovak markets, the German website eschuhe.

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The English efootwear and the Romanian Further expansion to foreign markets is plann. Customer service in an online store – a short case study of how it is done at eobuwie For customer service in its online store by phone, eobuwie uses the Focus Contact Center communication UK Email Database platform . The purpose of us the platform is, on the one hand, to care for relations with exist customers, and on the other hand, to provi immiate service to all new customers. Advanc functions of the Focus Contact Center system serve this purpose, such as: caller intification, relationship maintenance mechanism, call queu accord to consultants’ skills or automatic callbacks.

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