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When shoppers find what they’re looking for quickly easily they tend to spend a lot of time on the site browse more tabs which improves search engine rankings. To achieve this you ne to simplify navigation as much as possible. Don’t overdo it with categories subcategories. The logical structure makes it easier for search engines to crawl rank the propos products. An SEO-optimiz site structure abroad looks like this Optimize your Shopify site structure The diagram shows that the products are just a couple of clicks away from the home page which allows buyers to easily quickly find what they are looking for search engines to crawl the site. It’s very easy to organize your content on Shopify using one of the following schemes It’s easy to organize your content on Shopify Remember that the site must be built primarily for clients.

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In addition to product category pages you will ne to add About Us Contact Us sections to your site. They allow buyers search engines to make sure that the resource is trustworthy. Finally add a search box to the start page. Will it help with SEO Not Paraguay Phone Number List directly but will allow visitors to find what they are looking for. This is an important part of e-commerce optimization so that the resource owner can earn more on the traffic they already have. Step Build User Engagement Now let’s look at how to improve the user experience on the site which will also help you rank higher in the search results. Increase your website spe Spe ​​is accessibility to the user. When a website is easy to  quickly visitors have no reason to be frustrat.

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This means they will spend more time on the site. To make your Shopify store faster follow these steps apply a fast mobile-friendly theme; use optimiz  that are not particularly ne; avoid using sliders. Improve interaction with users Use Responsive Design Responsive design means your Shopify store will look great on desktops tablets smartphones. It is UK Email Database important to check how the site works on mobile devices as users are increasingly shopping from their phones. Responsive themes can greatly help the user experience keep visitors on the site longer. Because Google views time on page as a marker of page value having easy-to-navigate sections can improve overall page rankings.

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