Watch the evolution of the Google logo

to see that small changes can make all the difference.Of course, it is not for you to revisit your professional logo every year.

But, as graphic designer and typographer David Rault explains, seeing the same logo for too long ends up tiring the user (source Liberation ).

It puts in opposition IBM, which has not changed Russia Phone Number List its logo for years, and Google, which is renewed every year.

The image of the first is obsolete, dusty, while the second is still among the giants of Silicon Valley despite its 25 years of seniority.

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Simplicity is king, the “straight to the point” dominates (as shown by Apple or Nike for example).

While we opted for gradients and details 10 years ago, the lines have become increasingly clear and the colors more and more frank.

It may be time to follow current trends to keep UK Email Database  your brand image intact  on the web.outdated logo tends to scare away a customer, especially if they don’t know your brand.

It is the sign of a lack of connection with trends and, let’s face it, a certain bad taste.

If your sales are declining, regardless of the quality of your product, it’s probably time to seduce the customer with a brand new logo.