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Communication and automation of sales, service and team management processes. Cloud comput is finitely one of the hottest IT trends of recent years. Accord to IDC forecasts, by the market of cloud comput services will grow at a rate of . annually to reach a value of over USD billion. That’s almost three times faster than other IT sectors! . One th is certain – even if your company does not use this service livery mol yet, you will meet it sooner or later. Below we present a few reasons why it is worth hav a cloud-bas contact center solution and why it will improve the Customer Experience of our company. First of all: a cloud solution is a better service and lower costs The cloud means no investment in hardware and no license purchase.

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The monthly subscription. In this mol, there are no hidn costs that appear with other solutions. For example, relat to the employment of IT employees to administer the platform, maintenance and velopment of hardware and software, or payment for the use of a server room or IP and telecommunications infrastructure. And the Oman Mobile Number List customer receives high-quality service with less effort from the company. Second: seamless integration A contact center in the cloud has a built-in API or WEB Service. The system can work with the customer’s database and bas on the company’s exist telecommunications infrastructure. So you don’t have to worry about previous good practices and solutions.

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Service will continue to work. Third: the size of the project does not matter Cloud solutions are characteriz by great flexibility, so we do not have to worry that we will not be able to bear the weight of bolr projects. In this mol, there is no limit to the UK Email Database number of users us the system. The number of consultants can be freely increas and creas, pend on the nes of our organization. All this makes the contact center services available in this mol suitable for both small and large projects. Fourth: system reliability and security It is known that safety is very important – not only for us, but above all for our customers.

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