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The conversion path Why is it worth using SXO? Summary What is User Experience? User Experience , or UX in short, is the totality of experiences, emotions, sensations that the user feels when using a given application, service or website. Interestingly, this term appear already in the s, when various computer-relat solutions were test. Designing user experience is primarily about taking into account their nes maximizing satisfaction from using given solutions. Websites should therefore be as attractive as possible for visitors, but at the same time functional. User experience therefore depends on the overall reception usability of a given website or application.


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Can be evok by means of special solutions orient to their specific requirements habits. The use of User Experience assumptions is currently extremely popular. They may contribute to to encourage potential customers to read the content, offer or increase their readiness to buy. What is SXO about? Since you already know what User Experience is, we should Finland Phone Number List mention the second part of the issue discuss in this article. It is SEO , optimization for search engines. Simply put, it is the process of increasing the visibility traffic of a given website through organic search results. The combination of both the above-mention topics gives us a completely new approach to internet marketing development strategy. Search Experience Optimization is the use of SEO elements implementing them in such a way that they positively affect the user experience.

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The main goal of SXO is to reach a wide group of  the website provide them with a positive experience. This is possible by presenting substantive content to users or by facilitating the purchasing process. Moreover, it is also extremely important to UK Email Database eliminate any technical limitations possible errors. They have a negative impact on the general feelings of recipients, who may be discourag from further actions. SXO takes into account both the design of the website its functionality usability. Appropriate design of both of these aspects is therefore a good chance to retain users for longer, even convince them to return to the site again. The basic elements that make up.

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