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Call center employees are no strangers to display their work results on boards in front of the whole team and distuish the most effective employee on a given day or month, who can count on the praise of the superior, sometimes even on monetary gratification, but above all wins the prize – first place.Similar comparisons of work results, such as “the best salesman”, can be us in sales partments – it is relatively easy to measure the effect of work – the number of contracts won or the volume of contracts. Financial rewards, in addition to the satisfaction of be the best, can be an additional motivation for better work. However, gamification at work is primarily to create.

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Will treat his tasks as a game, and thus perform them more willly and with greater commitment. GAMIFICATION AT WORK VS WORK Maciej Szcześnik in Gamification in Team Management, Report GIT , lists the differences between the Chile Mobile Number List perception of certain areastasks by participants in the game and at work, : goals – impos on employees at work are often perceiv as imprecise and unattainable; in the game are clear and achievable assessments – they are sometimes discretionary at work; always fair in the game rules – there are implicit ones at work; in the game always transparent.

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Much at work; in the game, always the right amount given at the right moment failure – at work it can be punish and stressful; in the game often expect, fun, perceiv as part of the game cooperation – at work it is ne, sometimes forc; in the game always results UK Email Database from the sire to increase the chance of winn comparison of achievements – unclear at work; obvious in the game the way to the top – unclear at work, not directly fin; in the game clear and achievable GAMIFICATION NOT ONLY AT WORK – KNOWN APPLICATIONS In the era of universal access to the Internet and the grow popularity of tablets, smartphones and social network sites, we are engag in various “games” – social, ucational, civic.

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