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Internet users in just a month Remarketing. Speaking of creating ads in Google Ads, it is impossible not to mention remarketing, which allows you to reach customers who have already visit your website in the past Remarketing is to encourage these. People to visit your website again , as a result, encourage them to make a purchase At this point, it is also worth mentioning dynamic remarketing, which works great for online stores HOW MUCH DOES ADVERTISING ON GOOGLE SEARCH COST? Finally, it is also worth mentioning how Google ads are bill In this regard, Google has develop a very effective bidding method that it offers to every advertiser Therefore.

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Google Ads ads are bill according to. Preferences select by the advertiser There are models to choose from, such as: CPC (cost per click) – the advertiser pays for the advertisement only when the Internet user clicks on the link  goes to the advertis El Salvador Mobile Number List page Therefore, just displaying it in the search engine costs nothing eCPC – referr to as enhanc CPC This strategy consists in the fact that the rate per click on the link is determin by algorithms In this way, the system itself decides what the maximum bid for entering the advertisement is vCPM (view cost per mile) – in this model, the advertiser pays for every views.

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This strategy is great for campaigns that aim to build a br image CPV (cost per view) – a model us primarily for video advertising CPA (cost per action) – [consists in the fact that the fees are charg only after the Google user has taken some action, eg after subscribing to the newsletter Thanks to this, the advertiser only pays for conversions on the UK Email Database website, which increases the effectiveness of the advertising campaign ROAS (return on ad spend) – in this model, the rates are determin on the basis of a special Google algorithm However, in order to implement this model of billing advertising campaigns, remember that Google nes.

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