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The morn founr of this field of science is consir to be the. Brilliant mathematician Alan Tur , who in an article publish in built the basic assumptions for AI and NL. Along with the famous “the Tur test .” The first attempts to create tools that meet these assumptions had no chance to go beyond the prototype phase. The main reason was the lack of technology and. Comput power of the computers of the time. The breakthrough turn out to be the dynamic velopment of the. Internet and digital services. Today’s technological giants, such as Google, Amazon or Facebook, owe their position to the fact that they were able to use the collect information about users to gain knowlge about their nes as potential customers.

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To do so was the NLUNLP class libraries they velop. Grow customer expectations towards companies how to respond to them? The new market and the new type of services also creat new customer nes . Internet users have become accustom to Slovenia Mobile Number List the possibilities and vastness of information that constant access to. The network gives them. As a consequence, their awareness as consumers increas, but also their expectations, which could be summariz as follows high quality of service as a cisive factor in choos a service provir high quality of service = spe of service spe of service, regardless of the complexity of the problem, and precise information about the stage of process the inquiry or notification.

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Personalization of service even in relationships

The customer wants to be treat exceptionally and individually A challenge for corporate clients spe and quality of customer service with a grow number of requests The expectations and habits of customers, which grew out of interact with Internet UK Email Database services, also transferr to other provirs, even traditional services, and became a market standard. The majority of consumers view this phenomenon positively, as it result in the velopment of those suppliers that best respond to customer nes. The challenges these provirs face are the clin efficiency of traditional service methods with exponentially increas number of interactions and requests. There are a number of practical problems associat with this with a huge number of requests, the difficulties start already at.

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