Google Introduc The Mobile Firs  Principle

So you can’t forget about smartphone users. For this to which the resources of your website are index primarily bas on its mobile version. When deciding to create a website for SEO, remember that all content available in the desktop version should be visible to users of mobile devices. This applies to both the content of subpages the structure of the menu. The size of the text should allow comfortable reading, , the dimensions of clickable elements should be select in such a way that they do not hinder navigation – too small narrow links may cause accidental clicks. The whole thing should be test in terms of loading spe, which will be discuss later. An illegible, inconvenient to use slow-loading website can only cause irritation in your potential customer.

Regardless of the screen resolution

He will sooner go to the competition’s offer than decide to contact you. How can I check if the page is loading correctly? You can use the Google tool – Mobile Optimization Test for this purpose : website construction for SEO Plan the structure South Korea Phone Numbers List of the website – make your services st out One-Page websites – websites that do not have subpages, tempt in many ways. On the one h, they are just very nice comfortable to browse. Everything is in one place maintains graphical consistency. On the other h, they are cheaper. They are perform with a relatively low amount of work, without the ne to invest in extensive technical facilities. Everything is fine if you have a small business with only one service or product. Then One-Page will also work well in SEO.

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Exceptions lhonest  how many companies

Base their business on a single product? Apart from minor , a One-Page page is definitely not enough to appear in search results. When building a website for SEO, you ne to carefully plan its structure before the developer starts working on it. From the UK Email Database point of view of positioning, the home page (about it in a moment) product or service subpages are crucial. Each important element of your offer should have a separate, dicat subpage with its own URL address,which can be optimiz for select keywords. Only this form of page construction will allow you to place the right amount of content, use the full potential of meta data header structure. The URL of each subpage should be as simple as possible – it consists only of the domain the name of the subpage in lowercase letters. Use  instead of spaces.

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