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Savs in use the company does not bear the costs of maintain the AHU ( a separate room), its service and ). You also do not have to pay a specialist for the configuration of the PBX ( to make calls between company offices free of charge), for help in the event of a failure, or for updat the software – the service provir is responsible for all this, Savs in the velopment of the company – you do not have to incur the costs of the headquarters and cabl in new branches or offices of the company. One of the most morn solutions on the market is the Focus PBX virtual call center exchange – and this one was chosen by Mr. Ryszard. Comparison of a virtual and fix telephone exchange MyTravel success story The travel agency market is chang with the digital revolution.

The current method of sales direct

In the branch – coexists with the constantly grow online sales. The morn customer is perfectly inform, has the opportunity to compare offers and willly uses them, and is impatient. If he doesn’t get what he wants quickly, he’ll move on. In orr to Honduras Mobile Number List quickly and effectively “catch” such customers, travel agencies are more and more will to use market automation tools. However, they will not br the expect effect if they are not properly coordinat with the entire communication with the office’s client. A serious problem of travel agencies is the lack of ias on how to use such tools, which leads to the loss of potential customers.

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The next stage of contact with

An exist customer, where it is easy for offices to stumble, is after-sales service. It means constant contact from the purchase of a trip, through parture, stay, to a happy return. And then “heat” the client so that he returns in the next season. Such contact UK Email Database conduct manually, without appropriate procures and automatic tools, is unorganiz and therefore ineffective. MyTravel MyTravel is the largest network of travel agencies in Poland, operat since . The company has stationary branches throughout Poland. The office sells tourist services of tour operators, such as Itaka, Wezyr, TUI and many others.

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