Rather Based on Concrete Attitudes

Think of writing and radio, discontinuous and unidirectional mia through which messages demand very little from the receiver to be understood, hence their status as “hot.” And, on the other hand, consider the way the message circulates through the television (a moving canvas color by pixels) and the telephone (the sounds of the words going bidirectional): its low definition implies greater participation of the receiver to capture the message, and, therefore, they are “cold” mia. In this new stage of development of the mia, orality and thanks to it the repositioning of the auditory dimension, constitute the axis of communication .

Carried Away by Anger and

Print culture, which privileges linear reading and, therefore, has its hegemonic meaning in vision, is giving way to sound contact and its integration with other senses (hearing, vision and touch are now us simultaneously, for example, when interacting with digital content through any multimia manager) when transmitting or receiving b2b email list information. One of the implications of these transformations is a phenomenon that worries “typographic intellectuals” (to continue with Mcluh’s phrasing): the physical book and writing itself tend to lose their hegemonic place in the dissemination of culture, signs that a sensitivity relat to nonliterate cultures is giving its tone to our current communication practices.

Forgets the Bad He Does

Let’s think about Facebook. It is a social network that is part of that digital framework that is already a ubiquitous reality in our lives, and it is a mium in which communication, even when miat by writing, is articulat through messages that have an obvious oral record, which also incorporates various audiovisual UK Email Database elements. On Facebook – and in general on social networks and in the various digital channels that serve as platforms for global exchange – the prevailing trend is to write as one speaks: orality, a central aspect of communication in non-literary cultures, is now present, paradoxically, in the midst of communication miat by digital mia .

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