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 We go to the plugin configuration and then check the “ redirection of the old #link” option. In this way, we redirect not only the main route, but also the rest of what may exist, such as the post itself or the feed. Once this is done, we will go to the traffic“ option from which the ” redirects. We click on “ to download template” and save the generated file on our computer: -. If we open the file using a text editor, you will see something like the following ( where you see the red domain, your domain ) should appear: copy the code and send it to .

The license keys for OceanWP paid

Return , go to theme > customization. Click the orange drop-down menu and select “ edit ” option. Once inside, you special data ll see an edi tor full of code. You delete it and paste the contents of the file just copied from the plugin. It looks like this: save and leave. You have redirected your blog to the new website. Now, to check if you have done everything correctly, click on “ to view blog”, and you should now be redirected to the new website.

Customizing pages and posts

 We need to change another parameter. This option causes the mobile version to load another theme that is different from the default desktop theme, which we are not interested in because we want only one theme for all devices. Just mentioned, use code to redirect to . To UK Email Database correct this option( in by default check), we will again go to the “ theme”>“ custom” , but this time we will click “ move settings”. We enter, mark and save computer options to allow computers to be. Ready for.

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