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The development and optimization of wind energy this is Enlight’s third project in the Balkans; the other two are in Serbia and Croatia.Kosovo’s PR challengesKosovo is one of the few countries with a Ministry of Innovation. It is chair by Besim Beqaj a minister for the fourth time; in his previous posts he head the ministries of economy finance and privatization.”Until now our economy was bas on real tangible economic resourceshe said. “This serv us for several years but now we believe that our new generation is moving faster than our institutions.

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Ministry involves the transformation of a military camp near Pristina into an innovation and training park. Beqaj also hopes to create a business-to-business network for entrepreneurs to find people willing to invest in their ideas.Beqaj said that his Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List country is trying to “change the mindset- whether it is information technology “blockchainor “machine learning”.”Maybe this is a dream but we can make an Eastern European center for IT and artificial intelligencesaid the minister who recently visit Israel where he visit several kibbutzim and met with members of the Knesset the Israeli parliament.

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That can come and look globally in our market. Today it is a question of marketing and we believe that we have the human capital that can be us UK Email Database the best way”.Kosovo with its youthful population and high Internet penetration also hopes to become the Balkan “start-up nation– copying Israel’s success in high technology and innovation. However Ari Zoldan who runs a mia and communications firm in New York said Kosovo’s biggest public relations challenge is gaining positive name recognition.”Only % of Americans have ever travel outside.

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