The communication system with the customer

Automatic registration, classification, separation and archiv of applications. Elimination of formalities and relief of the BOK consultant elimination of “lost reports” faster and more efficient service increase in consultants’ productivity. Multi-channel service (email, SMS, phone, Chat, web form): increase in customer satisfaction. Recogniz and thread reports from regular customers increase in service satisfaction. Customer panel with the possibility of self-view. The status of the application (self-service) accelerat and reliev the work of BOK consultants Automation rules that allow you to provi.

Automatic answers to common queries

Trigger specific processes reliev and. Accelerat the work of BOK. Consultants increase in consultants’ productivity Workflow module for mana. The service process in the BOK team. Accelerat and reliev the work of BOK consultants improv the quality of project management. System reports for the Manager and BOK UK Mobile Number List consultants. They facilitate BOK. Management and intify. Potential problems facilitate the work of consultants by giv them a tool for. Inpennt control of projects elimination of the risk of exce the terms and conditions of the SLA. Satisfaction surveys: the direct voice of the customer to intify the problem and constantly. Improve the level of service How much does it cost to implement and maintain such a system. The answer to this question is difficult.

Phone Number List

There are many small and large systems

flash handset widget plac on a website that only. Requires enter a phone number. After enter it, the system generates a call from the UK Email Database consultant. Thanks to this, our potential client obtains a simple and quick form of contact with our company. call center system. Are you think about implement it in your company. Check with us what every good call. Center software should contain. A good call center system: BPS (telephone exchange) The PBX provis support for outgo and incom calls in VoIP technology.

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