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Google algorithms This is why choosing one clear campaign goal (conversion) is the most important. In addition, to run them, it is necessary, among other things, to create so-call resource groups, materials from which the advertisement will be creat. These are headlines, ad text, graphics, videos, links, etc. An interesting fact is that in the case of Performance Max, instead of simply selecting an audience, it is possible to create signals for new audiences They open up new, more advanc targeting possibilities (however, signals are not targeting methods.

Possibilities of optimization across channels

This is the input data on the basis of which the algorithm will try to find matching users – the ones we care about the most to whom it will display ads. This is a very important moment in configuring the Performance Max campaign, because the accuracy Bulgaria Phone Number List of this data depends mainly on the results advertising costs. Benefits of the Performance Max campaign By displaying your campaign across multiple Google advertising channels within a single budget, you’re able to reach new audiences Rather than spending your budget separately on Search, Display, Discovery, you can consolidate your budget into one campaign.

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This gives you great opportunities planning

Spending on your advertising account. In addition to saving money, you can also save time One campaign will receive more data that , you can create an expert image of your company. In the case of  you can optimize than several different campaigns UK Email Database with smaller budgets. This helps you achieve better ad results faster. Machine learning algorithms automatically have an available budget. They choose the channel in which they are most likely to find a user who will convert, the action desir by the advertiser (for example, a purchase). This allows you to achieve greater efficiency in achieving your goals More points of contact of potential customers with advertising lowers its rates thanks to increas.

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