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Confirming their incurrence, containing in particular the identification data of the buyer recipient of the service or goods the seller of the goods or services, the type of goods or services purchas the amount of payment. In other words, an ordinary fiscal receipt is not enough. It is necessary to have a VAT invoice, contract or bill. , of course, it is important that the deceas had any income before death in from which this relief could be duct. Read in LEX Rehabilitation relief on examples Price for you Civil law civil procure. Cases methodology of solving ebook Monika StrusWołos Check WE RECOMMEND Three months or even longer There is no problem if the relatives are in possession of such invoices that the deceas person receiv.

Worse if only fiscal receipts remain

However this does not preclude the possibility of taking advantage of the rehabilitation relief. It will only require more effort on the part of the family. It will be necessary to ask the seller who issu the fiscal receipt when purchasing goods entitling to Brazil Mobile Number List the duction to issue an invoice documenting this purchase. Check in LEX How to determine the moment from which the rehabilitation relief in PIT is due? The buyer may request the seller to issue a VAT invoice bas on a fiscal receipt at any time after the purchase, certainly in the period when the tax liability for the sale has not expir it is possible to link the receipt confirming the sale with the invoice documenting it.

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Although the regulations create

An obligation to issue an invoice to the receipt within three months from the date of sale, so within this time the seller is oblig to issue an invoice, refusal to issue it may even incur penalties provid for in the Fiscal Penal Code, but there is no provision UK Email Database prohibiting issuing an invoice already after these three months– says Przemysław Hinc, tax advisor board member at PJH Doradztwo Gospodarcze, to Praw.In his opinion, there are no contraindications for the relatives who are in possession of fiscal receipts to apply to sellers for issuing invoices.

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